Investment Concepts, Inc. (ICI) is a developer, property manager, and owner of high-quality apartments and shopping centers in Southern California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. Our mission is to continually invest in properties and people to create high quality, functional developments for our tenants and long-term value for our partners.


Investment Concepts, Inc. was founded in Orange, CA in 1969 by George Chami, a Brooklyn-born CPA specializing in the savings and loan industry. Shortly after its founding, ICI was acquired by Standard Pacific Corporation, which Mr. Chami joined and where he founded its Investment Properties Division. After spending six years in that position and gaining substantial construction and development knowledge, he re-acquired Investment Concepts from Standard Pacific.


ICI was founded by George Chami in Orange, CA.


ICI was acquired by Standard Pacific


George Chami reacquired ICI from SP.


ICI operates across 4 states with over 1-million square feet of property

Our Reputation

ICI was founded at a time when the savings and loan industry had substantial holdings of foreclosed real estate. Given the extensive experience of our founder in accounting, finance, and regulatory matters, the company’s initial acquisitions involved foreclosed properties acquired directly from Savings and Loan Associations.
These acquired properties required significant management involvement. By establishing investment and operating guidelines and procedures, each property acquired was turned into a profitable investment. The experience gained in the management and turnaround of these (often ill-conceived and poorly built) properties has given ICI an outstanding reputation among its lenders, partners, and tenants.

Our Team

ICI is powered by a team of seasoned experts, each excelling in specific domains such as development, management, and construction. With a collective proficiency spanning the entire industry spectrum, our professionals bring a high level of skill and precision to every project. Trust in our comprehensive expertise to navigate the complexities of real estate with finesse and ensure success in all aspects of your property ventures.

Accredited Management Organization

ICI takes immense pride in our rigorous accreditation process, ensuring that we meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry across multiple states, including California, Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada. Our team of real estate experts undergoes thorough training and education, staying abreast of the latest market trends, legal regulations, and ethical practices in each of these diverse and dynamic real estate markets. We are accredited by reputable real estate associations in these states, demonstrating our dedication to upholding the highest levels of integrity, transparency, and client satisfaction. This accreditation not only sets us apart in the competitive real estate landscape of California, Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada but also provides our clients with the confidence that they are partnering with a trusted and qualified team for all their real estate needs in these distinct regions.

At our core, we believe that our accreditation is a reflection of the values we hold dear – trust, expertise, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service across state borders.

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